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To become a leader

Back in 2002 Willsee previously name G-Partners industries (established in 1993) was very much focus on PVC and metal items ( Key ring , PINS , etc.).

Within a year, the entrepreneurs Dany Gasnier and Jean-Francois Verdon focused their energy on adding new products and the choice was to create a production center for lanyards. After few months Willsee started to grow and the founders decided to continue their product diversification.

Their strategy paid off and they double the sales revenue in a year and their new division of promotional product generated 30% of the company's total sales.In less than 2 years, their vision became reality and new product lines were added in their annual catalog release and presented online and during exhibitions.

When 2004 rolled around, Willsee secure an exclusive contract for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and became of the leading company in the industry.
Since then the company is focused on increasing its product offering and bring quality and service to its partners.

Willsee offers a large range of sales tools and has built a well-recognized website and a follow up production platform for its customers. This is a unique application in the industry and it is available for all active customers.

Early 2011, Mr. Valentin Verdon joined the company and he is today Willsee's Managing Director and brings his new vision to continue going forward.

In September 2013, Willsee closed its commercial office in Bangkok to gather all the activities in China (Guangdong province) next to the different production sites.

This strategic move enhanced the commercial service given to customers, optimizing resources allowing Willsee to always offer the best possible prices in a very competitive industry.

Willsee's impressive rise in the industry during those years in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia has become an attractive partner to rely on and will continue to offer its services.

The new 2017 catalogue is now being send all over the world.

Willsee continues to seek exciting new items and bring energetic customer service and dynamic client collaboration.

Willsee Management Team

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