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PMS Colors :

Pantone Matching System. Universally recognized color guide used for defining colors  in printing solid Logo colors (spot colors). Your printer or art supplier can supply PMS  color matching books for easy reference.


Cyan Magenta Yellow & Black. 4 color process printing system used to print full color or half tone photographic images.

4 Color Process :

Offset printing using colors made up of percentages of CMYK dots. Used in printing photographic images on items such as mouse mats and printed material such as brochures and point of sale.

Fonts :

The computer equivalent of typefaces or characters.

EPS File :

Encapsulated Postscript File. The preferred format for most Logo printing applications at WILLSEE ®. Logos and fonts must be converted to outlines or vector curves prior to transmission, disk or CD. Can also be used to transfer photographic images. llustrators,  Corel Draw & Freehand are common programs that can create EPS files suitable for WILLSEE ® branding applications.

JPEG File :

Joint Photographers Expert Group. A compression format for making graphic files smaller. Supply photographic images to WILLSEE ® as jpeg files (300dpi minimum resolution) but not logos.

Tiff File :

Tagged Image File Format. Supply photographic images to WILLSEE ® as tiff files, but not logos.

Photoshop Files :

Program to save halftone images. Photoshop files should be CMYK and saved in a .eps or  .tiff format. Ensure resolution matches the size of the desired output.

PDF Format :

Portable Doc Format. Ideal file format for sending viewing images to WILLSEE ® BUT NOT  SUITABLE FOR ARTWORK.

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Straplight View
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